Thursday, May 2, 2019

The US Government Does not Want Iran to Have a Nuclear Energy Research Paper

The US governance Does not take Iran to Have a nuclear Energy - Research Paper ExampleNuclear slide fastener is cheaper as comp ard to other forms of competency. This therefore leads to alacritous bourgeonment of infrastructure and industrialization which later results in economic growth. 3. . Literature Review History of nuclear programs in the U.S Iran breach of the NPT Safeguards The Middle East Arms Race Iran could attack Israel with nuclear weapons Israel and U.S alliance to furlough Iran from developing nuclear programs U.S and Iran disagreements over nuclear weapons 4. Discussion U.S does not trust Iran with nuclear forcefulness Difficulties that the internationalist Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) faces Iran is a sovereign state and should deal with the issue the best air it sees fit 5. Conclusion The US believes that it will be much dangerous if countries like Iran are allowed to develop nuclear weapons. It is of paramount importance to understand that nuclear energy is the most secure source of energy for people because it does not result in increased greenhouse gas emissions. Abstract The US Government Does Not Want Iran to Have a Nuclear Energy This paper discusses the issue and the reason why the U.S does not want Iran to have nuclear energy. The paper starts by giving the definition of nuclear energy and weapons. There are two types of nuclear weapons these are nuclear and hydrogen bombs. Nuclear energy has some(prenominal) pros and cons which are clearly discussed in the paper. The main disadvantage of nuclear energy is that it poses an adverse effect to humans, animals and the purlieu when used as a weapon. The main advantage is that it has significant economic effects that result in growth of infrastructure, industries, thus countries with nuclear power plants experience quick economic growth, and this leads to development. The literature review primarily focuses on Iran in relation to nuclear power programs and the fears of the U.S o n terrorism. Introduction The U.S Government Does Not Want Iran to Have a Nuclear Energy Nuclear energy is a form of energy that comes from the carve up of the uranium atoms during the fission process. During fission, there is generation of heat that leads to the production of steam that runs the turbine to generate electricity at the power plant. Nuclear weapons are explosive devices that are capable of changing matter into power. Nuclear weapons are classified in two categories atomic and hydrogen bombs. The main characteristic of atomic weapons is the splitting of the atoms of atomic number 94 or extremely saturated uranium that gives out a lot of energy. Hydrogen bombs use atomic explosion to join two hydrogen atoms to form helium. In terms of strength, hydrogen bombs are more destructive than atomic bombs. The two types of nuclear weapons are capable of causing mass destruction in terms of death, sickness and destruction to the environment. There are several advantages and dis advantages of nuclear power. Countries that own nuclear power plants experience rapid economic growth. Nuclear energy is cheaper as compared to other forms of energy. This therefore leads to faster development of in

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