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Political Theories Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Political Theories Class - Essay ExampleThis led to her detainment and interrogated by the Gestapo. Fearing for her life in Germany, she fled to France.In chapter three, she majors on why the Nazi government hated the Jews. She claims that the government spread this hatred because or so of the Jews properties in Germany. In a bid for the German government to gain control of its citizens, they had to create a common enemy. She states that the holocaust was not about eliminating Jews but about consistency and megalomania among the Germans.In chapter 4, Hannah writes about a junior Jewish officer in the French army convicted of high treason. There was no blanket(a) examination of the extension presented. Dreyfus was the soldiers name this affair caused a significant scandal in the French government. The real(a) French officer who was a traitor was a senior officer acquitted after twain hearings of his trial, and his name cleared. This shows how the government can make mistakes in tr ying to control the activities of its people. After his hearing in Paris, a considerable scandal arose, and that led to his reinstating in the army as principal. In conclusion, Hannah focuses on the set up the Jews suffered from totalitarianism. Her Jewish background helps her in

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