Friday, May 10, 2019

E-Commerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

E- barter - Essay ExampleBecause it revolutionizes the way businesses should prudently ashesatizetheir activities and go to market, the Internet affects all economic commotions.The business being conducted on the Internet which is now called Electronic Commerce has a remarkable history. The continuous research and development has enables corporate organizations to reconstruct their business strategies. The integration of electronic commerce applications lays the foundation in the organizations digital business process.This report will present the micromanagement and implementation of the current e commerce technologies in to current businesses. The purpose is to analyze the methodologies and processes required for desegregation electronic commerce applications. The focus will be on the current practices involved for the enterprise system integration. The organization which is preferred in this report is Tesco PLC. The origin of Tesco was started in 1919 when Jack Cohen started exc hange groceries from the stall in London. Since then Tesco has claimed itself as one of the leading food and grocery retailers in the world and has over 2000 throw in worldwide. It was rewarded to adopt award winning online strategy (Award-winning online strategy for Tesco. 2009). Over the years, the organization has focused on maintaining a successful and sustainable business model. The elements consist of diversification of stores in new areas with new services and products. In 2000, Tesco was representing only 8% of the global gross domestic product (GDP). As 65% operations of Tesco selling space are dispersed across the globe representing 53% of GDP. In 1997 the international business generated 1.8% profits. In 2010 the profit grew to 22% which is a remarkable achievement. The organizations recorded revenues till February 2010 were $ 5,494.1 million. The stores are dispersed in Europe, Asia and the Unites States. The geographically dispersed locations of Tesco stores are shown in

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