Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Incorporation of Western Faming and Technology in India Essay

The Incorporation of Western Faming and Technology in India - Essay ExampleThis paper illustrates that horizontal though, other Israelite agricultural technological companies have made entry into India to provide support in the plain of horticultural crops they have only limited their services to Haryana and Maharashtra. Examining the current situation in India, nearly locations and farmers uphold unaware of the current procedures and technology in agriculture practice. As such, Vickens Inc. targets to sell its product and services to the geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural segments of the market. The entire market segments shall benefit from the newly improved agricultural technological solutions provided by the company. The main effort besides the establishment of this new business is to fill the market niche that exists in the Indian Agricultural sector. Gallagher notes that while the soil is agriculturally driven the use of new and current technology ha s been limited. Most farmers in the country still adopt the traditional methods of farming that yields very little output to the farmers. The mission of Vickens Inc. is to provide the farmers with most current agricultural procedures and technology to increase productions of crops and generate increased revenues in return. This will be achieved finished enhancing an eco-friendly environment that does not affect the lives of individuals. With the e-Choupal initiative in India, a lot of information is available to the countrys farmers about the use of new technology in farming. Ideally, this forms a wider customer base for the Vickens political party products and service. The Company targets to sell its products to all the four market segments as proposed by Kerin. In the geographic division, the administration aims to reach all the farmers within the Indian agricultural potential zones.

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