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Business statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Business - Statistics Project ExampleIn order to test the hypothesis, the significance level elect was 0.05 while for constructing confidence interval a 95% confidence level was chosen. The data gathered by means of random sampling is attached in the Appendix. Since the sample size is large the independent sample t test was conducted for hypothesis testing assuming equal variances. The results showed that that the sample represented the population in a true manner while the hypothesis testing provided that there is no significant difference amidst male and female students in the IQ levels.The correlation among intelligence and gender has passed through several(prenominal) distinct phases. During the 19th century, when general adult suffrage was a social and political issue in some parts of the world, intelligence and gender was considered a topic of great interest for studying. Since, many proposed it as a requirement for allowing of suffrage that both male and female should have equal level of intelligence. Moreover, historically women were not allowed to excel in academics and were kept within the houses to perform domestic chores. The topic had remained under investigation since ages due to the social differences that prevailed between male and female and so has been incorporated in the study.Explorations on biological gender differences within the context of human psychology attempt to investigate the behavioral and cognitive differences between males and females. Such research makes use of experimental testing of cognition in diverse forms. These tests are establish on the potential differences that may exist in areas like spatial reasoning, IQ, spatial reasoning, emotion, aggression, brain grammatical construction and its operation. Amongst the investigators around the world, it has always remained a challenging aspect whether intelligence has any correlation with gender differences. season investigating the differences of level of intelligence amongs t

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