Thursday, August 8, 2019

Style & Genre Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Style & Genre - Essay Example Moreover, it comforts people in rituals and in expressing physical fitness as well. The fact that music is commonly listened does not mean everyone is a fun and for those who listen to it choose according to their tastes. It is also chosen according to age and references of various groups. It makes people relax and reduce unhelpful thoughts in life hence eradicating or reducing stress in day to day life. In addition to that, it enhances mood management and reduces loneliness. It keeps people busy in their workings and reduces idleness thus reducing time wasted in bad things such as involvement in drugs. Duration- this refers to sound length and silences in between music that includes beats and rhythm. This can be seen during silence period, where beats make the music moving, thus enhancing music sweetness. Pitch- this is shown by the highness or lowness in music sound. It is one of the aspects considered when composing a song. If the pitch is too high, sound is heard to be irritating and does not draw listener’s attention. Dynamics- this is characterised by sound volume of the song. It is the softness and loudness of the music and how individual emphasises on sounds. If the volume is too high to listeners, then many will not create interest to it though it is not recommended to be too soft. Tone color- this is what allows the music listener to differentiate or identify sound sources or combination of sound sources. If the individual’s voices are combined with the instrument sounds, the music becomes more interesting hence drawing the attention of many. Formal and technical rules- Johnson, Fulcher and Ertman (2007) emphasise that, these rules are the most considered in music composition. Many may not put into consideration the other rules as such, but these are as a must to be applied in music language. This is because the music should have a well grammar sentences and

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