Friday, August 16, 2019

Brochure about UK Travel and Tourism Organisation Essay

Tour Operators are usually a person or a company that puts together travel packages. These packages combine travel with normal tourist destinations and there are sold in a package. The tour operators have contracts with hoteliers, airlines and ground transport providers. They produce brochures to distribute their holidays and short-break packages example of a tour operators in UK are Thomas Cook and Thomson. Transport providers allow tourists to move around the country either by road, rail or air an example of transport providers are British Airways, TFL and National Express. Accommodations there are a different accommodation options for tourists in the UK depending on their needs and budgets. For examples Hotel, Services apartments, self-catering, Holiday villages. Plaza Park Hotel is an example of hotel in London. Visitor Attractions Places where attract tourism to come and visit. Natural attractions have not been built by man and are a natural feature of the environment. Example of natural attractions in the UK is The Peak District was the first of the UK’s National Parks and now is welcomes visitors from around the world come to see its areas of stunning natural beauty that offer fantastic walking and mountain biking opportunities. Another example of natural attraction in the UK is Lake District Built attractions are built to attract tourists, some of the built attractions charge an admission fee, while others are free. But some of them were originally built for a different purpose but also attract visitors. The built attractions in the UK are many but the main attractions that tourism visit are Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Warwick Castle and Windsor Castle. Supporting Organisation Visit Britain is an example of supporting  organisation. Visit Britain is the UK’s national tourism agency, promoting the UK to the rest of the world and encouraging domestic tourism in England Formed in 2003 and funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport it works in partnership with thousands of different organisations across the UK.As well as marketing and promotions Visit Britain also advises the government on tourism matters. Ancillary Organisations support outbound travel and tourism organisations, includes car hire and insurance companies. Example of organisation providing travel insurance to outbound travellers can be found at insure and Go, Columbus Direct, Direct-travel and Atlas Direct.

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