Monday, August 12, 2019

Bonus 4 assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Bonus 4 assignment - Essay Example The study will focus on bars as the centers to pick the subjects. For the study, three bars have been identified. At the first bar, the researcher sits down, asks a provocative question so as to watch who are the possible subjects at the bar (Dryfoos, 1991). Question: Who hates high school life? After the question, at least a response will be raised and then the respondents will be questioned personally whether they dropped out of school. The choice of the three bars is also based on the information that high school dropouts frequent them. For the study, five subjects are needed from each bar. At the first bar, after questioning those who responded to the first question, it is likely to get a 2/4 school dropout number as the timing will be 11 am – 12 Noon, when non-working, non-school going, dropouts frequent the bar. After identifying the five subjects, they will be assured of their confidentiality, then the survey forms will be administered so the subjects will fill it out (Dryfoos, 1991). The questions will include: How much do you drink and smoke? What were the causes for starting to drink and when? Why did you drop out of school – were you suspended or expelled for drug use, and had you started drinking before dropping out? What effect did the company you kept after dropping out of school play? Did you have trouble during early years of school? Did you perform well at school, and did you have problems at home during your schooling time? (b). Purposive sampling: will involve the study of the entire groups at the three bars during our timing of study: 11 am -12 noon. From interviewing all the members at the bars during that time, the school dropouts will be identified and the information from them compiled. The questions to be asked during the interview include: Are you a high school dropout? If yes, the interview will continue, if NO, they

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