Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Deviant and Criminal Behavior in the Workplace Dissertation

Deviant and Criminal Behavior in the Workplace - Dissertation Example It is important because effective teamwork helps the organization to meet its set objectives. Communication among employees needs to be effective for smooth coordination of activities in the workplace (Härtel, Zerbe & Ashkanasy, 2005). Effective communication in the workplace helps individuals become more productive. Individuals having their roles well defined characterize a well-organized institution. Organizational behavior studies how individuals behave in organized settings. A good management team needs to identify the roles of their employees in the workplace. It will enable them to monitor the behavior of their employees. The monitoring of employee behavior enables organizations to understand their functions easily (Elias, 2013). The behavior of most individual results from the culture of the organization. The culture an organization affects how the employees act in the workplace. Most corporations have their own unique culture that is different from other companies. It means that employees will act differently depending on the organization. Most experts argue that organizational behavior results from the structure of a company. The structure and culture of an organization are linked together to explain employee behavior. Structural formation of an organization involves the management of the corporation. Managers have the capability of controlling the behavior of their employ ees (Sims, 2002). For example, there are companies that have programs in their systems that help their employees solve their problems. A strategy improves the behavior of employees in an organization. The study of employee behavior involves scientific, human relations and contingency approach. Adoption of the contingency approach means that the company is recognizing that employee behavior is a complex issue. Managers have the responsibility of developing ideas that will enable the organization to achieve its target.  

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