Thursday, August 22, 2019

Human Resources Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 3

Human Resources Management - Essay Example The organisational structure in PM is hierarchical, whereas, the organisational culture in HRM is flexible based upon the business requirements. The training process in PM is limited to non-managerial staff only while in HRM the process involves all key employees within an organisation including non-managerial staff as well. The outlook of employee relations in PM is ‘pluralist’, which involves low trust however, employee relation outlook in HRM is ‘unitarist,’ which involves high extent of trust. In addition, PM is inclined towards reducing the overall cost of HR on the other hand HRM is inclined towards optimum utilisation of HR and controlling the cost associated with it (Henderson, 2011). HRM function at ASDA plays a key role in meeting the long term purpose of the organisation. Workforce planning is the primary function of HRM at ASDA, which determines the workforce requirements both in present and future context. ASDA also promotes employment opportunities through its recruitment and selection function of HRM. Training and performance appraisals are the most vital part of HRM at ASDA, which influences employee performance and their productivity level. Furthermore, employee acknowledgment and motivation is included in the HRM function, which helps in contributing towards the long term strategy of the organisation (Wilton, 2010). HRM as mentioned above plays a key role in workforce planning wherein the actual requirement of workforce is determined in the organisation. In addition, HRM has the responsibility of recruiting employees in the organisation and training them in an appropriate manner to enhance their skills as per the business requirement. Performance appraisal and employee motivation are the key roles of HRM in ASDA, which helps in alleviating the performance along with the productivity level of employees through employee

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