Saturday, August 24, 2019

Internet privacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Internet privacy - Essay Example People are encouraged to ensure timely update of their antiviruses and to be sure with what they click at any given instance. The widespread use of social media platforms has further aggravated the matter as personal information is made accessible to those within the social brackets thus increasing the chances of cyber crime. Internet privacy relates to the right of personal confidentiality on the storing as well as availing of information to third parties through the internet on specific issues. This is regarded as a subset of computer privacy in the ever growing information sector. The level of privacy in the internet can be divided into personally identifying information which refers to any information that is used in the recognition of given individual factors such as physical address or other personal bio-data and non-personal identifying information which excludes any personal information regarding an individual (Imparato, 2000). Countries all over the world as well as the United States of America are trying all workable methods that are aimed at ensuring total protection of personal information by maintaining their privacy (Frackman, Martin, & Ray, 2002). With the proliferation of social media, avoiding revealing sensitive data can be difficult making laws and government regulations necessary for maintaining privacy. One of the steps towards enhancing internet privacy is by encouraging people not to carelessly or mistakenly revealing personal information via the internet. One can easily made public their personal bio-data over the internet without being fully aware of it hence the need to be very careful when using the internet. One should make use of pseudonyms instead of using real names and actual personal information. The browsers used should not be in a position to leak out personal information or retain them for a longer period of time (Jakubiak,

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