Sunday, July 28, 2019

Marketing plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 4

Marketing plan - Essay Example The collections include ancient vessels and artefacts. These vessels were mostly used in the period between 17th and 18th century. The pricing structure is such that individuals willing to subscribe as members pay $15 while household customers pay a fee of $20.The Museum is one of the leading museums in UK. Television, Magazine and radio advertisements are mostly used in promoting events. The strategy for implementing the market plan focuses on three main areas. These are product, promotion and pricing. The Museum intends to increase the quality of services it offers while at the same time employ a pricing technique that will attract more customers and the same be financially satisfying. Promotions and advertisements are crucial in any marketing plan and a strategic approach shall be used to ensure this is done correctly. Aberdeen Maritime Museum gives the story of Aberdeen city’s lengthy bond with the Sea (Lamb, 123). The award-winning museum is situated on the famous Shiprow and integrates Provost Rosss House. The Museum is home to a unique collection made up of fast sailing ships, port and fishing history. It is a unique site being the only place in Britain where one can see North Sea oil industry. A marketing plan is a document that helps managers in strategizing on how to improve the performance of that business in a given sector (Runyard, 105). A good marketing plan should be able to give solutions to performance issues relating to a business. A marketing plan contains various components that analyze the current scenario and design a strategy to improve the performance of a business (Burnett, 108). This marketing plan sets out a convincing and inclusive vision for Aberdeen Maritime Museum; a vision, which is firmly in line with mission of the biggest public art gallery in the north of Scotland. Aligned with Scotland’s national strategic and performance agendas, this plan and its

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