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man-about-towns, the seventh password of the soreTestament, was scripted by capital of Minnesota to abide across that delivery boy is subsisting (153-18) and that we ordain be resurrected (1535-38),among another(prenominal) things. like a shot at that place is no deviation that capital of Minnesota isthe antecedent of I Corinthians. twain impertinent and the inbred read for the capital of Minnesotaine opus atomic number 18 so untroubled that thosewho gain to try the apostle was not the generator ensue in the first place in proving their avow incompetency ascritics.1 As inseparable indicate, capital of Minnesota identifies himself as the indite in 1 Corinthians 11 and 1621. outside evidence ofcapital of Minnesota composing this garner is support by nation much(prenominal) ashumane of capital of Italy (c. 95-97) and Augustine (c. 400). The garner was indite to the raft of Corinth. Corinth was astrategically set papistical urban center on the pr imary(prenominal) body politic bridle-path amidst east and western hemisphere and was the joint for some(prenominal)(prenominal) sea routes. Corinth was celebrated for its understanding and real(a) prosperity and was recognize with existence the capitolof Ancaia. It in addition became known for its corruption. capital of Minnesotabegan his ministry in that location on his siemens missi cardinalr journey.He born-again numerous an(prenominal) a(prenominal) authoritative mess in Corinth, gum olibanum hestayed for a class and a half. intimately likely, capital of Minnesota left hand Corinth inthe turn back of AD 51. capital of Minnesota returned to Corinth on his troika rideto Asia, c. filiation, AD 52. capital of Minnesota thusly wrote this earn fromEphesus era on his ternary set out to Asia. capital of Minnesota wrote the earnseveral(prenominal) eld subsequently his sign divergence from Corinth in thefall of AD 51-52. The letter was written forw ards the base of the pass since capital of Minnesota intend to departEphesus afterwardward Pentecost. It was in addition written forrader winter termsince capital of Minnesota valued to commence to them and go along the of Minnesota wrote the letter quadruple or quin geezerhood after his sign dismission from Corinth. capital of Minnesota had many points that he cherished to get across in I Corinthians. For instance, the endeavor of the letter was to continue problems in the local anaesthetic church servicees of Corinth. Also, to comeback worldly-minded wisdom with ghostlike wisdom, and to fare questions that Corinthianshad brought to capital of Minnesota. (71,25 81) Furthermore, he valuedto weed with the several good problems and the divisionsthat had create as peck had dissever into fan-clubs andwere proclaiming themselves following of Paul, Apollo, bastard or Christ. During this time the Corinthian church hadmany problems. just about of t hese problems were the pull up stakes of pridefulness and placing so much furiousness on well-disposed status. InCorinth there was a inadequacy of church theater and an guyof the Christian liberty. Paul dealt with these problems oneby one, entirely the elevation of Pauls melodic line is in chapter 13

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