Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Human Resources literature Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Human Resources literature Review - Essay Example and laws, policies and programs that define their responsibilities and code of conduct both within and outside the office as people who represent the values of the department govern these employees. The department has a series of laws and policies that guide the actions of the employees and partners of the department and the code of conduct that they are supposed to observe (Perry, 2006; Plotnick, 2005). The purpose of this research is to conduct an overview of the laws or policy and program at the DFC, investigate how they are implement in the work place ( policy or laws) and find out any challenges to the implementations. It also intends to investigate any change to the work place, how is it affect the employee and the goal desire of the outcome of the policy This research will be conducted through reviewing different research documents and online sources that have been written on the human resource policies and laws and DFC and find the successes and gaps in the implementation of human resource policies focusing on employee rights and responsibilities at the DFC. The findings from this research will be used in the next section. The research findings from this study will be used to come up with conclusions and make recommendations to the DFC on how to improve their human resources laws and policies to create a healthy working environment and an efficient

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