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Americas Founding Documents

Americas Founding Documents The founding documents refer to the documents such as Constitution and other written instruments in which an organization is established and governed. In the United States of America, various founding documents were used to shape the United States of America. These important documents included the Constitution, Bill of rights, Declaration of Independence, primary source documents and other documents that were written between the year 1764 and 1791.The discussion is based on these founding documents of the United States of America. The constitution was written in 1787 in Philadelphia by delegates who came from 12 states. This Constitution created a federal system which composed of three separate powers and also included the concurrent and reserved powers of the states. The facilitation of the formation of the constitution was championed by James Madson.   September 1787 this law was sent to the states for the purpose of ratification where 9 out of 13 states were to ratify it to be active to the states (Fischer, D. H. 2004). The constitution was approved by many of the countrys conventions who called for the amendments especially for the areas that protect the individual rights. The constitution was apportioned into articles and sections. All the legislative powers were to be vested in a Congress of the United States and had to compose of a Senate and House Representatives. The executive power was vested in the president of the United States of America who had to hold the office for the term of four years and was to government placed together with his vice. The constitution also highlighted that the judicial power of the United States be put upon the Supreme Court whereby it was to apply the law and equity when exercising power. The bill of rights was another founding document that has by Anti-Federalists who held that this law was necessary to protect and safeguard the liberty of the individuals. The paper of reasons was the list that has been created polished the government power. About the state authority, the founders found it to be important for the people to be free in conducting worship services and have freedom of speech likewise. The freedom was made free and protected with the amendments that were fist done. Another one was the natural right of people to secure in their houses, persons, papers against any unreasonable searches. The founders also established the amendment III that prohibited any soldier to be quartered in any house without the knowledge of the owner. The founders created various founding principles as one of the founding documents. For instance, individual liberty was at all times to be supported since without right the law loses its nature, and without law, liberty loses its meaning. They came up with the principle that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by the creator with some unalienable rights such as life, happiness, and liberty. The principle of separation of powers came out in the founding document where the powers of the government were to be divided and balanced among various bodies to avoid the element of tyranny and accumulation of authority in one branch. The principle of individual liberty came out clear in these documents where an individual had right to obtain and even control possessions and the fruits of their hard labor. Primary source documents are one of the founding documents in which many written works that existed from the time of the founders is kept. This report tells the story of how the colonies gathered together in the United States of America and created the constitutional republic which has been existence for a long time (House, H. W. (Ed.). 1998). The words and ideas of the founders of the America are placed in this document. The declaration of independence document is considered as founding document that has the foundation of the American freedom. The Declaration of Independence document marked the genesis of the Republic of United States containing unalienable rights. This paper has always been a beacon to those women and men that value freedom. It has sections like a general statement of natural rights and the purpose of the government placed in has the truth that illustrates all men are equal and that Creator has endowed them with certain unalienable rights such as life, a pursuit of happiness and liberty. According to the national archives documents (McCoy 1934-1968), the material brings out the idea that if any form of the government becomes destructive of these rights, the people have the right to abolish such government. The people will vote in the new state which would provide them happiness and liberty without political influence and communicate much on federal agencies. In conclusion, the founding documents in the United States have elevated the freedom and the freedom of the American citizens. The documents contain the history of the founders and guideline and guidance that the government needs to follow when governing the citizens. Documents have also established various rights and freedom of the people of the United States. References House, H. W. (Ed.). (1998). The Christian and American Law: Christianitys Impact on Americas Founding Documents and Future Direction. Kregel Publications. Fischer, D. H. (2004). Liberty and Freedom: A Visual History of Americas Founding Ideas (Vol. 3). Oxford University Press. McCoy, D. R. (1978). National Archives: Americas Ministry of Documents, 1934-1968. University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill.

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