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Evidence week three Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Evidence week three - Essay Exampleant facts that whoremaster be used to resolve the conflicts that regularly arise between nurses and pregnant mothers will be identified and used in the nursing field to earn a harmonious coexistence. Presumable, nurses regularly perceive mothers diagnosed with diabetes with discernment (Eadara et al., 2010). Using the PICOT format my question will beQuestion How do expectant mothers diagnosed with diabetes relate to nurses and how do they perceive reporting their blood sugar levels to their healthcare givers within the first 6 months? (Eadara et al., 2010).The question is both qualitative and quantitative. It will use a compound research design to enable a proper analysis of data and/or information and uncover the real facts underlying GDM and Preeclampsia (Eadara et al., 2010). Using a mixed design will also allow me to reference data appropriately and eventually derive association that can contribute to the growth of evidence-based knowledge in nursing.This is a great case to refer to from the nursing interrogative strategies and methodologies utilized within the course contemplate by the people. This is among the greatest obscurities being in the nursing field and profession in the entire world since it is a nearly related viable action done by the attendant specialists as a careful investigation. According to Houser, the fall and damage cases have been on the ascent and essentially interfaced to the nature of nursing mind in the locale specified. Houser states that the examination is about the reason for fall and harm cases and its answer (Sudbury et al., 2007). The name of the examination database is called Fall and Injury Prevention. This is pointed at securing what reasons individuals to fall and be presented to damages and what branch of individuals are obliged to give answer for these cases. It has been secured that numerous individuals get wounds from tumbling down on the floor or on articles and need fitting m edical exam caretaker administer to their damages. A

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