Saturday, June 15, 2019

Enterprise Resource Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Enterprise Resource Planning - Essay ExampleFinally, a key goal for the use of the ERP by the ground forces is to help the army streamline its operations, practices and process, making them more efficient (Real-World Case, 183).The key implementation considerations made take on the sources of mishap in the process of transformation. The failure by an institution to forecast and thus plan for the likely organizational and cultural changes that comes with the transformation, which entails the introduction of the ERP in the army can easily cause a failure to the implementation process (Real-World Case, 184). Leadership and sponsorship consistency is also a major consideration, since the introduction of ERP requires the consistency of leadership and supervisors, which is rarely the case in the army. Stakeholder concretion is also an essential consideration, since all the stakeholders in the army should be aware and supportive of the transformation. Cost considerations should also be made, since the implementation of ERP requires substantial resources, which should always be supplied, for the success of the process (Real-World Case, 184).The change management was incorporated in the process through the change of the army process into business-like, since the ERP could not fully address the army system, which is quite different from the normal business transactions and processes. These changes entail the incorporation of some traditional aspects of the army systems such as cost and performance measures into the ERP system, dapple introducing new concepts such as the measurement of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction, both internal and external (Real-World Case, 185). Additionally, the change management process was incorporated into the system through the reconfiguration of the ERP, to include a new code, other than change the existing one, a process known as extension. This is essential to include some of the army processes, which cannot

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