Friday, June 14, 2019

Ethical and moral issues via Internet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ethical and clean-living issues via Internet - Essay ExampleGovernments in different parts of the word censor internet providers for various purposes. These allow protecting the customer from antisocial problems such as gambling, gaining access to explicit information including pornographic sites among some other reasons and China is not an exception. In the current policy-making systems, autocratic governances are increasing blocking citizens from accessing the internet in order to prevent them from acquiring information that would incite them into violence and overthrow the current governments (Stephen, 2005). In the recent past Chinese government was reported to be censoring internet providers and search engines including Google preventing the citizens from getting certain information online (Elliot, 2006). This decision raises serious moral and ethical issues in a highly globalized world where the flow of information is important for commerce and maintaining social order. Ch inese government is a communists state and the flow of information is highly regulated not only in the internet but also in the other forms of communication including the media and other electronic means such as television and radio (Stephen, 2005). In largely capitalistic world, Chinese government attempts to maintain their preferred form of government at all costs by preventing free flow of information. One of the main characteristics of communism is denying the citizens the freedom of expression and association (Stephen, 2005).

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