Friday, October 4, 2019

Write a feature article about Travel, great places to go to in the Essay

Write a feature article about Travel, great places to go to in the world, Muslim woman in different countries, comparing different cultures to Saudi - Essay Example Today, global economic organisations and institutions have come up with several laws and regulations that have made the cross-border transfer of people from one place to another, which used to be very difficult in the time past very easy and simple now. Because of this, a lot more people are now able to travel easily to other places regardless of cultural or religious differences. Having established the point that cross-border traveling has now been made simple, the next aspect of discussion to look at is the choice of place to visit. Without any doubt, there are several excellent places a person may choose to visit for whatever leisured intentions the person may have. Most of these places are major cities of the world and they offer almost everything that makes a person’s stay away from home a memorable one. Talk of natural land sites, sports events and infrastructure, education and academic excellence, cultural integration, economic enhancement, historical symbolism, architectural innovations and technological advancements: there are countless number of cities to visit to have a feel of all these. Happily, each continent in this world can boast of a number of cities and countries that will readily give a person all of such travel expectations. The freedom to travel and abundance of choice notwithstanding, there are a number of factors that really aff ect the conduct of a particular traveller to and from different places of the world. One of such factors is religious and moral differences. A typical case can be given with Muslim women who may want to travel to some of the world’s most renowned destination. Making Europe the first point of call, one place that cannot be left out as an exquisite destination is Madrid. Sabina (2011) notes that ‘’the city of Madrid is located in the Community of Madrid (La Comunidad de Madrid). Â   The Community of Madrid is located almost exactly in the centre of Spain.’’ This is a

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