Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Animals’ Rights? Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Animals’ Rights? Animals flock about nature going on with their daily lives eating, mating, playing, and hiding. â€Å"Hiding from what?† someone might ask. They are hiding from the predators that roam the earth as if it is only theirs to move about freely without respecting the other inhabitants of the earth. These predators are known as humans. Many of these predators have taken the lives of many animals selfishly and disrespectfully. Some animal species have been killed by the hundreds each year, many times for the purpose of putting money in the pocket of the killers. Some animals have been wounded and not retrieved and therefore left to die in agony. This must stop and there are some reasons why. If all of the animals were gone, then they could not reproduce and would not survive as an ongoing species. Humans could not survive without animals for food and shelter. Killing these animal species off without any purpose but for the pleasure of hunting and for the small portion of money earned thereafter. This leads to the belief that a certain amount of respect has been lost for animals. This respect that I am trying to give to the animals is in the sense that humans will do almost anything to ensure that life continues for them for as long and prosperous as possible. Plants will grow back and animals reproduce, but something must exist if it is to reproduce. We as humans do not see this problem. When I speak for the humans I am speaking for the majority of people who do not realize that this is a problem. However, I believe that some do understand the reality behind excessive amounts of hunting. There are those, however, who see nothing except for the animal that stands in fron t of them and the weapon they hold. Those who stan... ...en every year. Hunting them within the set limits has resulted in the decrease of these accidents and it has also regulated the deer population. Without these rules however, animal species are at risk. Humans have become predators of everything that exist. Animal, plants, and the earth are prey for the humans. The amount that the humans use of each has drastically increased. The earth was made for the humans to look after and humans are not doing a very good job of keeping it fit for survival. Of course, not all humans act in this way nor do they believe that this is how the human race has developed. Remember that animals and humans both live on the earth and though it may be human nature to hunt for our survival, over-hunting many of these animals will result in our extinction, especially when many of the animals that we use for food and shelter cease to exist.

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