Sunday, September 8, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 51

Reflection - Essay Example Most of the early motor racing activities were informal affairs that involve just a few close friends and their relatives perhaps on a dirt road or some remote place where the people can show off their driving skills and their beloved machines. It is not surprising the motor events soon attracted enough following to become formal big sports events in later years. Drag racing is the name given for the motor racing in which there is usually only two people involved as contestants. The race follows a short but straight course (over an open field or even a rarely used or abandoned city street) and the rules are straightforward too: just to see who of the two racers can get to the designated finish line first. Drag racing along the streets is kind of illegal and so it is banned as it can endanger people while the motor sports version is legal but is highly regulated by authorities and sports officials. The early drag racers were more concerned in how they and their machines performed against a competitor and were not so overly conscious of whether there are few or many people watching the event. These racers were more into their own passion for the sports in terms of its speed and of course the inherent risks involved in racing. In this paper, the discussion revolves on how the sport of drag racing evolved over the years. Drag racing evolved from a participant sports to a spectator sports due to development of the slingshot dragster; the racers and the people watching wanted a faster machine and so the slingshot dragster came into being. This is a type of racing car with the engine out in the front supposed to make it go faster and gain speed easier but this very design is also inherently unstable (wrong engineering) so crashes and explosions were quite common. Many race drivers got seriously injured or even killed; the term

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