Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 29

Journal - Essay Example This bare feeling is enhanced by short, austere sentences which contrast the more extravagant role of a movie star. The syntax of this passage highlights the fact that despite of her being tough and practical, she still faces challenging circumstances, especially given that she feels betrayed by her husband due to the affair. The parallel structure and repetition which all begin with â€Å"She† stresses her despair, loneliness, pain and suffering as the two people she considers important to her life are not there for her. By placing â€Å"Try to smile proudly† in its own paragraph, Moore emphasizes the importance of her to rise above her present predicament and focus on the opportunity she has, and this establishes her as the primary focus of the story, as the paragraph marks the transition from her description of the babysitting jobs so as to compare it with being a child psychologists. â€Å"Why write? Where does writing come from? These are questions to ask you. They are like: Where does dust come from? Or Why is there war? Or: If there’s a God, then why is my brother now a cripple?† (1019). The purpose of these rhetorical questions is not to obtain a response, but to assert the implicitly. They serve the subtle means of insinuating the notion of why the author wants the readers to be writers, and which might be challenged by the readers when asserted directly. â€Å"†¦it will be about monomania and the fish-eat-fish world of life insurance in Rochester, New York. The first line will be â€Å"Call me Fishmeal† and it will feature a menopausal suburban husband named Richard, who because he is so depressed all the times is called â€Å"Mopey Dick† by his witty wife†¦Lets go out and get a big beer†(1019). This passage underscores Moore’s sense of humor and it accentuates some chilling, private revelations that give rise

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