Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Abortion - Essay Example Sinnott and Robert (467), argue that one can use pills that terminate the life of the embryo or go through medical processes of abortion. In this article, I will discuss the disadvantages of abortions, and some of the long-term effects one has to carry on after the procedure. I will also discuss on the legal nature of the act and the religious view of the practice. From a religious point of view, I agree that, killing of any human life is wrong, and there is no any legible reason for life termination. All life begins at conception and hence fetuses are just innocent beings and no killings are justifiable by law and religious holdings. I view it that, every being is unique, and termination of any life means the extinction of an individual with a unique genetic code (Sinnott and Robert 469). Out of biological knowledge, I understand that genes carry desirable traits that are rare and desirable giving organism’s unique qualities. The different aspects like knowledge, performance, or significant physical appearance may be in the genes of the terminated embryos. I agree with Sinnott and Robert (470) that, all humans have their potentials no matter how they may seem; hence, every life has a mission to accomplish, and thence it is wrong to terminate any life that may not yet be born. I agree with him that it is wrong to destroy foetus and no killings are justifiable. I find the act of causing pain on other living creatures wrong. Abortion causes pain moreover, sufferings to the foetus which later results to its death. My opinion remains that, however young the foetus is during the time of abortion it still causes it pain and sufferings, which is un-acceptable on any living creature. Governments that have legalized on abortion allow killings, and this means tolerating un-ethical practices in the societies. According to my thinking, this is lack of respect for young life. It is a terrible thing, and it results to under populating some regions since the

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