Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Skoda Automobile Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Skoda simple machine Company - Essay ExampleSkoda automobile company started its operations in 1925 after a lengthened menses of producing customized bicycles for the founders, Laurin and Klement who were cyclists. The company based in the Czech Republic advanced little by little in producing bicycles and cars for the Czech market. The profits accumulated during the initial stages of stages served as propellants since the focusing adapted them for pileus in its advent to globalization. Skoda automobile engaged in the production of cars for the European market despite the presence of agonistical rivalry between the German and British manufacturer. After the initial staging of globalization, the companys management evaluated the importance of diversification of the business portfolio by the comprehension of other product categories. Therefore, the company started to manufacture conjure machinery and airplanes as additional products to the main product. Chronological accounts a scertain that the companys production and sales competency enabled the company to survive through the difficult environmental forces prevailing in the mid 20th century. Scholars deign that Skoda car manufacturing company faced the threat of the great depression, a situation that halted most industrial signs of advancement in Europe (Kreitner, & Cassidy, 2011). This period coincided with the Second World War whereby bombers from rival sides patsyed industries. Further, Skoda managed to survive the eventual period of economic restructuring during the postwar period despite the presence of the German and British car models in the target markets (Roberts, 2013). Eventually, Skoda observed that by sourcing for stable car investors, the business would propel immediately as the investors would provide capital equity for the company thus they chose Volkswagen AG due to its wide brand network. The SWOT analysis Strengths of Skoda Automobile car industry Skoda produces its machinery in vie w of presenting the best machinery to the global markets. Mainly, the company boasts over dominance of a profitable market share in the European market despite the presence of stronger competitors. The companys diversification of investment plan engages the acquisition of mergers and taming other market leaders to invest in the plans. The companys research and development team engage in an evaluation of alternatives in order to put across the desired market segments. Therefore, the management stipulates its long-range plans in the market and order for a survey of 20,000 clients in the global market. Arguably, many companies lag behind Skoda in undertaking customer surveys in order to pitch the ability to produce the automobile in reflection to the present needs in the consumer markets. Skodas strengths foster emanate from the extent of independence in undertaking direct and unbiased surveys. In this case, the management ensures that effectiveness customers reveal the needs and w ants and stipulate their perceptions concerning Skoda car models in order to undertake the fast improvement of the products with the inclusion of customers stipulated variables. The company rests assured that achieving the desired competence through its research body, the JD surveys to be uncomplete since customers would not hold back their feelings about the company given that the researcher is independent.

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