Saturday, April 27, 2019

Creative and effective curriculum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Creative and hard-hitting curriculum - Essay ExampleThis brainstorm was do after guided reading. Children read in pairs about(predicate) Viking shields and at the end they completed a brainstorm as a group and presented to the class. This brainstorm was done before designing the shield so that makes more sense and gives children ideas. Children benefit from this activity because they worked in pairs and groups (social skills), in the essay, this point can be extendedFurther, the teacher will provide a direction on the decoration by providing more information on the shapes, patterns, symmetry, tessellation and the use of a plan to remind the children of the designs.The students stool the longships on their own. In history, the approximate ratio of the longships length to the width was four to one well-nigh the half the size of an egg carton. The construction should be carried out by at least dickens children. First, the children should cut the top half off the egg carton, as the bottom half will be the longships. The pieces left from the top section will be glued over the leaks in the bottom portion of the carton. The item is then allowed to dry completely, and in the sink, water is allowed to flow and be filled close to a level of two inches. Demonstration of the longships during the Vikings age is carried out by floating the egg carton scam ship built by the students on top of the water in the sink. Further, items are placed on the egg carton to show weight.The weather conditions in Iceland and an explanation on the changes of the weather conditions in the country, specially the fact that from early may to the end of July the weather conditions remain permanent daylight and that winters are absorb five hours of daylight from November to the end of January.(Feasey. 2007 17)Teachers are expected to share lesson outcomes with the childrenso that they may know the content that they are going to receive and at the end of the lesson reflect on the success of the lesson.Creative instruction and

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