Saturday, February 22, 2020

Ernest Rutherford Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ernest Rutherford - Assignment Example Eventually, he came up with the term half-life as the time it takes for the radioactive materials to disintegrate. Earnest‘s contribution in nuclear physics has contributed to a great deal in the area of modern physics and chemistry (Weisstein 1). The concept of radioactivity, especially the alpha, beta, and gamma rays is the basis of understanding how solar radiation reaches the earth and the overall effect on atmospheric temperature. Earnest found that gamma rays were of high frequencies and if they reached the earths surface, the temperatures could be high and unbearable for the inhabitants. On the other hand, the discovery of the nucleus of individual elements is the basis for the modern nuclear energy (Mahanti 1). The concept is useful in providing alternatively cleaner sources of energy. According to CENTER FOR HISTORY OF PHYSICS AT AIP, Ernests experiments have a significant effect on my understanding of how X-rays work. X-rays, as one of the elements of the electromagnetic spectrum, is useful for me to an individual for diagnosis of bone fractures and checking on my internal organs. On the other hand, sun’s irradiation on the earth is an issue affecting every person. The intensity of global warming and climate change requires good knowledge of how the sun irradiates the earths surface. Discovery of nuclear physics is also the basis of modern energy thus useful in my understanding of providing alternatives to non-renewable sources of energy (Henley, Ernest, and Stephen 23). CENTER FOR HISTORY OF PHYSICS AT AIP. Alpha Particles and the Atom Rutherford at Manchester, 1907–1919. 2015. Web. Accessed from

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